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On Friday, March 31st, I went to İzmir.

I had some business to do.

I also took my photography gear, just in case.

Then just before sunset, I went to the infamous Clock Tower of İzmir in Konak.

Found a composition, posted some Instagram stories, befriended a curious crow even.

During the sunset, I took several photographs.

There were some promising ones judging by the previews on the camera screen.

But you never know until you check them on the computer. On a big screen.

When I came home, I loaded them onto Lightroom and quickly went through almost a hundred shots.

But didn’t like them.

I almost deleted them thinking there wasn’t a good enough shot. Normally that’s something I never do, a rookie mistake.

Then decided to be patient.

After some time I started working on the photos.

As I started working, the photograph started to reveal itself.

I think I worked on the photograph for a couple of hours.

And the final image was the photograph you saw in this post.

I was very, very happy with it.

I was glad I didn’t rush to delete them.

It was a fantastic start as it was the first photo I had made in 2023.

I have been away from photography for a long time.

I had many things to figure out. Many things to lay a foundation for.

But I was going to return to photography this year.

The time I had given myself for other stuff was up.

And I’m so grateful for the first image of my return.

It got me excited again.

Photography is important to me.

I explained it a little here in this article.


It was a good start and I’m finally back.

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