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Süleyman Dereköy’s journal.


240518 – News

Today I saw another instance of cruelty shared by news outlets, on Twitter.

I couldn’t watch it.

And I stopped following all the news accounts.

Once again I realized that everyone should do what they have to do.

I’ll bring news from other worlds of beauty.


ACE anniversary

Today marks the 6th anniversary of becoming an Adobe Certified Expert on Photoshop CC.

I had written a blog post on “how photography saved my life” on Photophily, my dedicated photography website.

I was in a deep, dark depression […]


Visit to Akhisar and the start of my digital nomad journey

It was 2017 when I made the decision, I was going to travel the world.

I was in Italy. Traveling Venice, Florence, and Dolomites. Oh, the Dolomites, the amazing mountains.

I was over the moon because of excitement. Italy was basically a heaven for photographers.

Making photography the center of your life and travel… Good but how? How to afford it?

When I came back to Turkey I tried […]


Back to photography

On Friday, March 31st, I went to İzmir.

I had some business to do.

I also took my photography gear, just in case.

Then just before sunset, I went to the infamous Clock Tower of İzmir in Konak.

Found a composition, posted some Instagram stories, befriended a curious crow even.

During the sunset, I took several photographs.

There were some promising ones […]

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