ACE anniversary

Today marks the 6th anniversary of becoming an Adobe Certified Expert on Photoshop CC.

I had written a blog post on “how photography saved my life” on Photophily, my dedicated photography website.

I was in a deep, dark depression, playing video games to ease the pain.

To enhance the titles and visuals of my gaming videos I decided to learn a little Photoshop in May of 2013, which led me to photography.

6th anniversary of getting the ACE certificate.

10th anniversary of starting photography.

10 years ago around these days, I was still in İstanbul watching the videos about photography and post-processing.

There was still more than a month until I bought my first camera on November 30, 2013.

I have been away from photography for the last couple of years in order to make some arrangements to fully dedicate my time to the art.

It started 10 years ago with a little curiosity to learn Photoshop and that completely changed my life.

And I’m back now, I’m back…

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