Year 2023

It’s more important to repel negative than to attract positive. — Principle 30 of Mecelle (Codex) by a comission led by Ahmet Cevdet Pasha of late Ottoman Empire.

It is customary to wish in the new year’s eve.

Here is mine for the year 2023, inspired by the above principle of Mecelle (Codex).

In my opinion it’s more important than it seems.

What does it mean?

Disabling that is evil, negative, that which corrupts and erodes is more important than enabling that is good, positive, that which constructs and builds.

What does that mean?

For example, if the doors and windows of your house are open, closing these gets priority over firing the stove.

For example, reducing the expenses might be more important than increasing the income. Especially at times of crisis.

For example, ending wars, madly aggression and destruction takes priority over building new structures.

This is a perspective and it’s possible to find more examples.

I think this way of thinking may clear a lot of confusion in our personal lives, family relations, society and state affairs.

Stop the evil, that which corrupts and destructs first.

I wish a year for us all humankind that the bad things repelled.

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