Matter of utmost importance: Freedom of expression

The most important problem of the world is not the economy, not climate change, not wars, not etcetera…

The most pressing and important issue is freedom of expression.

While first-world countries may enjoy the benefits of having the privilege on different levels, and it may not come so obviously important, the rest of the world is suffering from the problems caused by the lack of freedoms and freedom of expression in particular.

Why? How so?

Actually, it’s quite simple.

You can only solve problems by talking about them.

By discussing, by negotiation.

If you don’t have freedom of speech, you cannot talk about the problems.

And you cannot solve any problem that you cannot talk about.

In fact, people tend to try to “solve” their problems through violence if they can’t express them.

The most troubled parts of the world are also the least free parts of the world where people cannot express themselves freely. People seek solutions with their fists, with weapons for the problems that they can’t talk about. But that’s no solution, that’s a recipe for disaster.

However, talking, arguing, and negotiating are a lot cheaper tools of problem-solving. Also a lot more humane.

Moreover, since the entire economic activity is based on the added value by solving problems, we can only prosper in peace.

I liken this matter to finding “patient 0” in pandemics.

Freedom of expression is the basis of all freedoms.

Let me rephrase: In order to solve the problems, you need to be able to talk, and for that, you need almost infinite freedom of expression.

Unfortunately, I remember seeing posts by UNESCO that freedoms are losing ground in the world.

In places of oppression, it takes time for people to learn to express themselves. That too needs training and doesn’t come naturally. But you have to start somewhere.

If free speech is suppressed somewhere, it only means that someone(s) -with power- doesn’t want the problems to be talked about and therefore solved.

This is the social aspect of the matter of freedom of expression.

At the individual level, the expression of self without any fear is most suitable for human dignity.

That’s why freedom of expression is so important.

Never compromise your freedom of expression. Defend it, demand it. The oppressors come for it first.

Freedom of expression for all, even for those whose opinions we don’t like. For everyone, no ifs or buts!

Photo by Süleyman Dereköy

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